February 29-March 2, 2008

CUEMS sends 10 Members to National Collegiate EMS Conference

Cornell EMS sent 10 Members to the 2008 National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Conference (NCEMSF) in Philadelphia. Six Current Executive Board Members as well as four general members attended lectures based on emergency medicine given by doctors and emergency service personnel. Topics ranged from Chest Trauma, to Administrative Roundtables, to Planning a Campus Evacuation Exercise. CUEMS members were fortunate enough to listen to CUEMS and Cornell Alum, Jeffrey Lubin, MD, MPH, speak about Air Medical Services and Collegiate EMS. The Conference allowed members to gain insight on how other Collegiate EMS Agencies run and provided a number of ideas for the future as well as what areas CUEMS stands out as a collegiate agency. The group returned to Ithaca ready to plan for the future and implement new ideas in areas such as Training, Operations, and Community Outreach.

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