Requesting EMS Event Coverage

To request CUEMS Event Coverage, click on the link and complete the form. The Scheduling Officer will be in contact with you to confirm your request. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact them directly at

We cannot ensure coverage for requests made less than two weeks before the date of the event

10505592_10152995674699790_8444910655433534836_nBased on crew availability, Cornell EMS will standby at any event on the Cornell University campus or surrounding Cornell-owned properties. Such events include sporting events, concerts, university functions and outside functions that occur on Cornell property. Unfortunately at this time we cannot provide coverage to events not on Cornell property.

At this time Cornell EMS provides event coverage service as described below:





Volunteer Service
While CUEMS no longer charges for the event coverage, any and all donations are still greatly appreciated. As a 100% volunteer service that provides medical care free of charge to the patient, all proceeds will be used for general squad expenses, including replacing supplies use11050653_10153175774852112_4558729619069379593_nd at the event; none of our members will be paid for working at the event.

The dedicated crew(s) that CUEMS provides will be attached to the specified event and will not leave at any time. Should a patient need to be transported to a health care facility, Cornell EMS crews will contact the proper agencies.

To request a Cornell EMS crew for an event, please fill out the form at the link at the top of this page. Please include information about the nature of the event, date and time of the event as well as expected number of attendees. Cornell EMS will determine the number of crews needed based on crew availability and consultation with Cornell Police and Cornell Environmental Health and Safety. Bangs Ambulance also provides standby EMS coverage – for coverage please contact them directly.