Squad Information

Cornell University Emergency Medical Service is a New York State certified, student-run Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agency. Cornell EMS is funded by the Cornell University Undergraduate Student  Assembly and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly.

The squad provides emergency response to medical emergencies on Cornell University campus and surrounding university-owned properties.

Cornell EMS also provides stand-by service for university events and provides CPR, First Aid and other training seminars to the Cornell community.

For medical emergencies, Cornell EMS is dispatched via radio by the Cornell University Police Department.

Cornell EMS provides its services completely free of charge to its patients. Event coverage can be requested via the event coverage page.

Information regarding training is available at the community education page.

Membership is open to all members of the Cornell community, including Undergraduate and Graduate students, faculty, staff and alumni.

For information on how to join please see the membership page.

The squad is run by a ten member Executive Board, which is currently served entirely by students. The Executive Board maintains the operations of Cornell EMS and helps lead the organization from year to year.