Becoming a Member

Thank you for your interest in applying to CUEMS!


Application Process

Cornell EMS holds two membership drives per academic year, at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. A written application will be posted on our website prior to those times, you may also look around campus for signs and posters. The membership drive requires a written application, attendance at one of our information sessions around campus, and a subsequent interview conducted by several current members.

All applicants must attend an information session in order to sign up for an interview slot. CUEMS is a fantastic way to gain experience in emergency medicine, build important life skills, contribute to the community through volunteer service, challenge yourself in new ways, and most importantly, form close relationships that extend far beyond your experiences at Cornell.


What CUEMS looks for in Applicants

Cornell EMS welcomes all members of the Cornell Community to apply. CUEMS boasts a diversified group of active members including undergraduates, graduate students and a professor. While we look favorably on applicants with experience, it is by no means a prerequisite, nor does it guarantee acceptance. Many of our members have no experience when they join and still become valued contributors of our squad. The most important quality we seek is enthusiasm! We look for applicants that have the time, energy, and dedication to excel and advance within the ranks of our squad. Previous experience in EMS is highly valued, as are strong interpersonal skills and an openness to new ideas and constructive criticism. Please do not apply to build your resume. Joining EMS is not a ticket into any future job or graduate school. Experience has shown that a direct correlation exists between what our members put into the squad and what they get out of it.


Expectations of New Members

We maintain stringent membership requirements, including:

  • Attendance at our weekly meetings (Sundays nights)
  • Completion of our new member class
  • Fulfillment of a designated number shifts per semester
  • Certification as a NYS EMT-B within one year of joining.

This ensures that our members contribute to our squad and are current with the most recent training and skills.While CUEMS is student-run, we operate by professional standards and we expect our members to behave accordingly. Please take all of these requirements into careful consideration before applying. Because we are forced to turn away many qualified applicants, we ask that you only apply if you are committed to becoming a dedicated CUEMS member.


If Not Accepted…

Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications that we receive each semester and the large amount of time and effort we spend in training our new members we can only accept a limited number of applicants. We certainly encourage those applicants who are not offered membership to reapply during a subsequent membership drive.

Additionally, our squad looks favorably on applicants who seek additional training prior to reapplying, although this is not a prerequisite for membership.


We appreciate your interest in our organization and we look forward to your application! If you have any questions please e-mail our Membership Officer.